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Great Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces are one of the most exciting trends in home improvement. You can rely on Greenview Direct to create an attractive, functional space for you and your friends and family.

Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Pits

If you love spending time outside, an outdoor fireplace or fire pit is exactly what you need to make your backyard the ultimate space for entertaining and spending time with your family and friends. Whether you prefer a modest look with a fire pit and a couple of chairs or you want your outdoor fireplace to be part of your full-blown outdoor kitchen, Greenview Direct is the answer for your vision.
Before you decide which feature is best for your backyard, you should understand the basic differences between outdoor fireplaces and fire pits to make the right choice for your home.
An outdoor fireplace will look much like the fireplace in your home—complete with a hearth and a chimney. Grand and stunning in appearance, fireplaces make a more dramatic statement in your yard. A fire pit is usually an open structure that can be round, square, or any other shape you prefer. The top of a fire pit is open to the air, making it perfect for gathering around and roasting marshmallows.
Though a fireplace or fire pit is great along with an outdoor kitchen, you don’t need a full kitchen to have a large outdoor fireplace.
An outdoor fireplace is a perfect addition to your patio if you simply enjoy sitting outside year-round. Whatever your preferred look may be, your new outdoor fireplace or fire pit will bring your backyard to the next level!

Outdoor Kitchens In California

An outdoor kitchen gives you a place to cook and serve food outdoors. Here in Damascus, this is a true asset to your home, as our comfortable temperatures many months out of the year mean outdoor cooking is a popular pastime. With a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, you can do more than just grill your dinner. At Greenview Direct, we can help you design a beautiful outdoor kitchen, then install it for you with help from our seasoned landscaping team. The finished kitchen will be an asset to your home and a benefit to your family.
Today, if you can imagine it, it can probably be part of your outdoor kitchen! Outdoor kitchens can be simple, with a grill and wood-fired oven and a little bit of counter space, or they can be complex, with everything you need to cook up a gourmet meal. At Greenview Direct, we want to help you create your dream outdoor kitchen. Some features to consider as part of your outdoor kitchen design include: Range, Oven, Fireplace, Grill, Sink, Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Storage, Counter space, Serving space, Seating area, Smoker, Lighting, Television and other. entertainment
Clearly, there are many options as you seek to design your perfect outdoor living space.

Planning a Retaining Wall Installation

Retaining walls aren’t just for function. Yes, if you live on a hill or slope you should be concerned about erosion ruining your landscape and even posing a threat to your home. But retaining walls can also be installed for aesthetic purposes. Whatever your need, installing a retaining wall is an easy fix to hold back soil and add more integrity and interest to your hillside. Custom retaining walls not only keep your landscape design intact but can also function as an aesthetic element to visually enhance your backyard’s design. If you’re looking to install a retaining wall in the Montgomery Village area, our professional landscapers can guide you through your options.

There are many reasons to install a retaining wall, including:

  • Preventing erosion: Retaining walls are designed to support changes in elevation on your property and to prevent soil from slipping.
  • Landscape stability: Sometimes builders and landscapers will use retaining walls to help build infrastructural stability around your home.
  • Aesthetic reasons: Retaining walls can also be installed for purely aesthetic reasons such as accentuating tiered landscaping.
  • Preserving the functionality of an outdoor space: Retaining walls can provide extra usable space where you can set up an outdoor table and chair set, a swing or even an additional small garden.

Retaining Wall Blocks

One of the best things about building retaining walls is that the options are almost endless. Retaining walls can be designed with a variety of different materials, including versatile and colorful segmented blocks or handsome and rustic natural stone. You can use old railroad ties, natural stone, and even concrete. We install both stone and modular block retaining walls, including:

  • Bricks
  • Natural Stone
  • Pavers
  • And more!

Your home’s architecture, landscape design, and type of slope or hill will all determine which type of retaining wall blocks are best for you. A Greenview Direct designer will walk you through the process of choosing the best type of retaining wall block for you.

Do you want a multi-level retaining wall? Curved or straight? There are several aspects to think about before you install retaining walls. If you’re not sure, Greenview Direct can help you choose one that complements your yard and stylistic tastes.
There are a variety of materials to choose from when it comes to your retaining wall design. No matter how you want your retaining wall to look, our landscape designers will make sure it fits seamlessly into the style of your yard. We invite you to work with us to give you a complete, one-of-a-kind look!

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